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  • On this weeks episode the guys talk about all the Doctors they like better than Bonnie Henry (01:03). The gang discuss the recent string of asian hate (06:38). A woman was followed for over 40 minutes by a masked male through downtown Vancouver, the guys break down the situation (22:00). Special thanks to our sponsor this week “Manscaped” use promo code WTFYVR at for 20% off your purchase (27:40). Former U.S. President, Donald Trump will be launching his own “game changing” social network in the coming weeks (33:12). Legends Only League Boxing has announced the Tyson vs. Holyfield III will take place on May 29th (44:44).

  • On this weeks episode the guys talk post covid summer plans (01:02). The gang breaks down the new Gay Captain America (04:54). A woman has been put on blast by the internet after she was seen on video coughing on and assaulting her uber driver, the guys break down the video (14:45). The Grammys/ Oscar nominations recap (18:40). 2K Games has announced a blockbuster deal with Tiger Woods to appear as a playable character in PGA 2K22 (30:40).

  • On this weeks episode the guys discuss running into a random and having useless small talk (01:02). The gang reviews the Meghan Markle/Oprah interview and discuss racism within the Royal Family (05:14). The Looney Tunes has come under fire this week for their “Pepe Le Pew”character who has been cancelled due to his rapey undertones over the years (15:56). Special thanks to our sponsor this week “Manscaped” use promo code WTFYVR for 20% off your purchase+free shipping (23:20). Vancouver has added an interesting street art piece known as “The Proud Youth” (25:55).Papa John’s founder says he’s trying ‘to get rid of this N-word’ in his vocabulary (31:57). The guys reflect on a year of covid lockdowns (36:24).

  • On this weeks episode the gang talks about residents in the Downtown Eastside are receiving $5 cash as incentive to get the covid vaccine (02:13). The City of Vancouver has announced they will be turning the longstanding “Days Inn” on Kingsway and Victoria into low income housing, the guys discuss how this will affect the neighbourhood (10:27). The iconic childrens toy Mr. Potato Head will henceforth be known as just Potato Head to be more inclusive towards trans people (17:19). Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot earlier this week and her dogs kidnapped (20:16). Ravi is trying to sell a phone online (22:45). The guys talk microwavable dinners and Space Hotels (27:40). Half assed Golden Globes recap, the gang debates what the greatest TV show of all time is (29:45). How’s life? (33:43).

  • On this weeks episode Ravi and Brendan welcome KJ back into the weed smoking family, the guys discuss their mutual hate of dispensaries (01:15). Tiger Woods suffers multiple leg injuries in single-car accident in Los Angeles (07:15). Coca-Cola has come under fire for advising employees to “be less white”, the guys discuss reverse racism (13:36). The “Dude Chilling Park” sign has been stolen again (21:44). Daft Punk has announced that they are breaking up after 30 years together, the gang talks their favourite Daft Punk albums and songs (27:53). Bobby Schmurda has been released from prison after 7 years of incarceration (38:32). The guys give their streaming recommendations (40:08).

  • On this weeks episode the guys talk vices (01:02). Valentines Day recaps (06:18). Vancouver received its annual 3 days of winter and an amazing snow altercation (09:21). Jackass 4 has fired Bam Margera due to his substance abuse issues, the gang breaks down his most recent meltdown video (14:55). Bow Wow has announced he is following his dream of joining the WWE (20:31). Tammy Slaton of 1000lb Sisters fame has announced she is pansexual (23:44). Aunt Jemima has officially been rebranded as “The Pearl Milling Co” (32:04). Plugs: Check out KJ on this weeks episode of “Curiosity Conversations Podcast” and Ravi got together with the “Comedy Ring Podcast” to discuss dating & relationships (35:20).

  • On this weeks episode the guys discuss “Gorilla Glue Girl” (01:58). The guys discuss gambling, the Superbowl and Tom Brady’s legacy (07:17). A new Vancouver reality show looks at the busy world of high end Vancouver real estate, the guys discuss the difference between representation and exploitation (13:26). Bell Media has decided to cancel TSN radio and reformat to a comedy station (21:50). Special thanks to our sponsors this week Manscaped with a special Valentine’s Day message (30:29). Ravi gives his Netflix pick of the week “Malcolm & Marie” the gang discuss fighting in relationships (33:00).

  • On this weeks episode the guys discuss the stock market activity from subreddit ‘Wall Street Bets” the past week (05:37). Lebron James got into a verbal confrontation during a game with a female spectator that the media has now dubbed “Courtside Karen” (14:53). RIP to TV’s Screech, Dustin Diamond (20:58). The Superbowl will make history this Sunday with a female referee for the first time ever, Ravi explains why its probably a bad idea (30:51).

  • On this weeks episode KJ attempts a land acknowledgement (02:27). A makeshift apartment nightclub has been shut down in downtown Vancouver after more than 100 people were caught partying inside (06:10). An Indian court has ruled that groping without removing clothes is not sexual assault (13:17). A new Netflix true-crime series is exploring the dark history behind the notorious Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, the site of the mysterious disappearance of Elisa Lam (19:21). Special thanks to our sponsor this week Manscaped, use code WTFYVR to get 20% off and free shipping (24:10). The guys discuss the Connor Mcgregor fight and the upcoming Superbowl (27:12).

  • On this weeks episode the guys talk about some 90’s commercials and fragrances (01:02). A Canadian reporter says that men yelling “Fuck Her Right In The Pussy” during interviews is harassment and “needs to stop” (04:43). Number 3 ranked golfer in the world, Justin Thomas has been dropped by several sponsors after dropping an “F bomb” after a missed putt, the guys discuss words they used to say often but try not to anymore due to the times (14:05). Ravi gives his thoughts on HBO’s Tiger Woods documentary and looks at some of the more scandalous parts of the saga (21:47). A special thank you to this weeks sponsor Manscaped. Use code “wtfyvr” at for 20% off your purchase (26:20). The guys reflect on President Donald Trumps last day in office and pick their favourite Trump moments (28:29).