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  • On this weeks episode the first minute of hilarity got cut out! The gang discuss the Olympics and the ways to improve low ratings (01:00). Congratulations to our very own “Ruthless” Ravi Khanna for winning his second King Of The Comedy Ring: Roast Battle championship! (12:41). After 25 years in production “Arthur” has been cancelled by PBS (15:21). Dababy has come under fire for anti LGBTQ+ comments he made at The Rolling Loud Festival (20:06).

  • On this weeks episode the guys talk about high school and their shitty grades (01:02). Ruthless shamelessly plugs his upcoming gigs (02:45). The gang talks better ways to digest edibles (06:50). A Vancouver City Counsellor was handing out free doses of heroin, cocaine and meth to promote safe usage sites (11:18). Flying ants have once again taken over East Vancouver, the guys hate on ants for several minutes (19:52). Nature is healing as strip clubs reopen within BC, the guys talk about how unvaccinated sperm is the new bitcoin (31:22). The billionaire space race rages on as Jeff Bezos successfully was launched into orbit (37:35).

  • On this weeks episode the gang talks about Canada Day and Ravi’s recent trip to the Okanogen (01:03). US Olympic sprinter Sha’carri Richardson has been banned from competing at The Tokyo Summer Games for failing a drug test due to marijuana (04:54). A global study has found that spanking has been proven to have no positive effects on children, the guys talk about memorable beatings from their childhood (16:21). A lab analysis of Subway’s tuna has found that there is actually no tuna in it at all (27:00). Bill Cosby is a free man after being released from prison after serving 2 years (38:32). The guys dissect Lil Nas X’s performance at the BET Awards (43:20).

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  • On this weeks episode the guys talk immigrant superstitions (01:03). The gang discusses the tail end of covid life and how its affected them (05:30). Mayweather vs. Logan Paul review (09:40). Backstreet Boys vs. NSYNC (12:00). DC has removed a scene involving Batman orally a aw pleasuring Catwoman because “heroes don’t do that” (17:08). Kanye West has rebounded with Russian model Irina Shayk (24:40). The guys discuss art and the recent “Boy With Shark” statue thats been proposed for False Creek (28:43). Local dispensary Budway has been ordered to pay $40,000 in restitution to Subway for copyright infringement (35:20). Fat guys that work out but never lose weight, sumo wrestlers and soccer (41:42).

  • On this weeks episode the guys celebrate 150 episodes! (01:02). Brendan has a theory about how sexy Tik Tok challenges are made by men, Ravi explains why Tik Tok is made for pedophiles by pedophiles (03:52). The gang reminisce on the early days of the internet (07:39). The guys review Elliot Page’s first topless pic since his transition to male (13:20). The Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL have changed their team name to The Edmonton Elks, Ravi has a Shark Tank level idea to potentially drum up interest in the CFL (23:50). Vancouver street racers were caught weaving through traffic at speeds in excess of 170km/h (33:12). North Korea bans skinny jeans and mullets as symbols of ‘capitalistic lifestyle’ (42:31). The guys talk about the McDonald’s BTS meal (45:51)

  • On this weeks episode the gang talks about their favourite and least favourite types of cuisine (01:06). Ravi got vaccinated! He talks about the experience and has an issue with the lack of country covid anthems (07:57). The gang discuss the issue with indoor dining and why they don’t fuck with it mainly because of their girls (14:08). McDonald’s has reintroduced the Smarties Mcflurry after a 5 year hiatus, (23:08). The guys discuss the Tony Hinchliffe anti Asian sentiments (31:09). The Ellen Show has been cancelled after 19 seasons (37:11). Bennifer is back! The guys talk their favorite celebrity couples (42:17). Follow along and subscribe at

  • On this weeks episode the guys talk about their weed origin stories (01:03). Bill and Melinda Gates have announced they will be divorcing after 27 years of marriage (05:24). Ravi loves “The Boys” and discusses being in the sunken place (11:30). The Vancouver School Board has voted to end the school liaison officer program (20:53). Caitlyn Jenner has come under fire for her comments on trans athletes (24:48). The annual “Festival of Lights” has once again been cancelled this year (37:51).

  • On this weeks episode the guys talk NFTs and why Ravi refused to watch the Kim Kardashian’s “Superstar” until very recently (01:02). The Canadian Government has blocked all incoming flights from India and Pakistan as active cases reach record numbers (09:31). KJ goes over the new SIRI voices and the guys talk about their favourite TV dads (14:23). Disturbing graffiti comparing Dr. Bonnie Henry to Nazi ‘Angel of death’ sparks outrage (18:40). Mortal Kombat raked in 22 million dollars for the biggest box office opening since March 2020 (23:26). The gang talks about The Oscars (28:40). SNL has announced Elon Musk will be hosting an upcoming episode (34:29). Floyd Mayweather vs. Jake Paul has been signed for June 6th 2021 (43:17).

  • The boys are back in town! On this weeks episode the gang discuss Ravi’s transformation into a full on Apple Guy (01:02). The guys react to the George Floyd verdict (03:05). R.I.P DMX (08:47). The guys react to Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren at Trilla Fight Night (13:10). Demi Lovato has been in the news lately for coming after a frozen yogurt shop for what she calls “diet culture” (21:38). A word from our sponsor “Manscaped” (27:24). Ravi talks about being in his bag, the gang talks about maturing and personal responsibility (29:17). There’s been a recent worldwide boba shortage (48:53).

  • On this weeks episode of WTFYVR the gang discusses the new “Circuit Breaker” plan and how everyone is suddenly a vaccine expert (01:02). BC Premier, John Horgan has come under fire for blaming 20-39 year olds for the uptick in Covid cases Horgan refuses to say sorry for telling “young people” to ‘not blow this’ (12:34). A man has been arrested after starting three fires at Masonic buildings around the city (19:57). Lil Nas X come under fire from religious and parenting groups for his new signature shoe and visuals for the song “Montero” (Call Me By Your Name) the guys react to the music video (25:25). Streaming picks for the week- Justic Leauge: Snyder Cut, Minari, Bad Trip and Invincible (35:37). Tom Hanks son, Chet Hanks has received backlash this week after declaring summer 2021 as “White Boy Summer” (41:18).