WTFYVR Podcast | Episode 159 | “SIMPS”

On this weeks supersized episode of WTFYVR the gang talks about Ravi’s dick for a bit (00:47). If you hate Ruthless Ravi Khanna please let him know (04:40). The guys review The Rock’s new song with Tech 9 (05:10). The gang gives their thoughts on Dave Chappelle’s The Closer (06:47). Steaming recommendations: BMF, Wu Tang: An American Saga, Darkside of the 90’s (11:25). The guys react to the news of the Willy Wonka prequel (24:08). The guys review the trailer for “Home Sweet Home Alone” (31:29). Ravi has a crow problem (37:06). Halloween 2021 plans & costume ideas (39:46). What the fuck happened to Demi Lovato, Demi does not believe we should refer to Extraterrestrials as Aliens because it’s offensive (44:15). Ravi has a grievance with his brother Sonny over a pen (55:36).

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