WTFYVR Podcast | Episode 150 | “Built Different”

On this weeks episode the guys celebrate 150 episodes! (01:02). Brendan has a theory about how sexy Tik Tok challenges are made by men, Ravi explains why Tik Tok is made for pedophiles by pedophiles (03:52). The gang reminisce on the early days of the internet (07:39). The guys review Elliot Page’s first topless pic since his transition to male (13:20). The Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL have changed their team name to The Edmonton Elks, Ravi has a Shark Tank level idea to potentially drum up interest in the CFL (23:50). Vancouver street racers were caught weaving through traffic at speeds in excess of 170km/h (33:12). North Korea bans skinny jeans and mullets as symbols of ‘capitalistic lifestyle’ (42:31). The guys talk about the McDonald’s BTS meal (45:51)

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