WTFYVR Podcast | Episode 142 | “Proud Youth”

On this weeks episode the guys discuss running into a random and having useless small talk (01:02). The gang reviews the Meghan Markle/Oprah interview and discuss racism within the Royal Family (05:14). The Looney Tunes has come under fire this week for their “Pepe Le Pew”character who has been cancelled due to his rapey undertones over the years (15:56). Special thanks to our sponsor this week “Manscaped” use promo code WTFYVR for 20% off your purchase+free shipping (23:20). Vancouver has added an interesting street art piece known as “The Proud Youth” (25:55).Papa John’s founder says he’s trying ‘to get rid of this N-word’ in his vocabulary (31:57). The guys reflect on a year of covid lockdowns (36:24).

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