WTFYVR Podcast | Episode 141 | “Goofs”

On this weeks episode the gang talks about residents in the Downtown Eastside are receiving $5 cash as incentive to get the covid vaccine (02:13). The City of Vancouver has announced they will be turning the longstanding “Days Inn” on Kingsway and Victoria into low income housing, the guys discuss how this will affect the neighbourhood (10:27). The iconic childrens toy Mr. Potato Head will henceforth be known as just Potato Head to be more inclusive towards trans people (17:19). Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot earlier this week and her dogs kidnapped (20:16). Ravi is trying to sell a phone online (22:45). The guys talk microwavable dinners and Space Hotels (27:40). Half assed Golden Globes recap, the gang debates what the greatest TV show of all time is (29:45). How’s life? (33:43).

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