WTFYVR Podcast | Episode 135 | “Chicken Limbo”

On this weeks episode the guys talk about some 90’s commercials and fragrances (01:02). A Canadian reporter says that men yelling “Fuck Her Right In The Pussy” during interviews is harassment and “needs to stop” (04:43). Number 3 ranked golfer in the world, Justin Thomas has been dropped by several sponsors after dropping an “F bomb” after a missed putt, the guys discuss words they used to say often but try not to anymore due to the times (14:05). Ravi gives his thoughts on HBO’s Tiger Woods documentary and looks at some of the more scandalous parts of the saga (21:47). A special thank you to this weeks sponsor Manscaped. Use code “wtfyvr” at for 20% off your purchase (26:20). The guys reflect on President Donald Trumps last day in office and pick their favourite Trump moments (28:29).

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