WTFYVR Podcast | Episode 123 | “Chocolate Face”

On this weeks episode the guys talk about Only Fans leaks (01:14). Dr. Bonnie Henry has instituted a “safe six” rule which limits household gatherings to six (05:50). The guys give their thoughts on “Borat 2” (07:47). Vancouver City Council has approved a motion that would allow pets be allowed in all rental properties in Vancouver, Ravi thinks about getting an alternative pet (13:57). Drake and Kid Cudi have announced that they’re dropped new albums (17:58). Vancouver has proposed a new bylaw that would put a toll price on people driving into Downtown Vancouver (26:00). Walmart will be selling a KFC Fire Log, that smells like the Colonials 11 herbs and spices! The guys talk about their favourite fried chicken places (30:10).

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