WTFYVR Podcast | Episode 81 | “20/20”

On the first episode of 2020 the guys jump right back into the player hating as only they can! (01:01). Ravi’s pumped about his weighted blanket and the guys discuss sleep paralysis and their Christmas gifts (03:16). The gang talks about 20/20 and the amount of people hyping themselves up for the new decade (07:29). (09:44). Yet another racially fueled incident took place in a parking lot in Ontario (15:25). A Vancouver man had a meltdown during a showing of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker because of people using their phones during the movie (23:17). President Trump went off on the CBC and “Justin T” for deleting his cameo scene from an airing of Home Alone 2 (29:35). The list of the top Canadian baby names has been released the guys review the top 10 (33:33). The guys talk new year’s resolutions and goals for 2020 (37:26).

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