WTFYVR Podcast | Episode 74 | “Chinese Fire Drill”

On this week’s episode the guys welcome one of the funniest asians in Vancouver, Robert Peng! (01:01). A more graphic than usual scene in Gastown caused some confusion but ended up being apart of filming for Stephen Kings new mini series (04:46). Apple+ has launched in Canada officially, Ravi has a dope idea to push subscriptions (09:08). Enchanted Poutinerie in Toronto has introduced Unicorn Poutine (12:19). A vice principal was recently fired for forcing male students to show her their underwear in hopes of finding a culprit who left a shitty pair of underwear on a toilet seat (16:08). In controversial news Vancouver has decided to ban the sale of all fireworks effective immediately (21:15). Kit-Kat is opening Canada’s first Kit-Kat factory in Toronto! (28:23) plugs & upcoming events (31:26).

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