WTFYVR Podcast | Episode 71 | “House Hippos”

On this weeks episode the guys welcome local comedian Andrew Draper (01:09). The gang discuss their Thanksgiving weekends and favourite parts of the holiday (04:04). Sesame Street has introduced a new Muppet that’s dealing with opiod issues, the guys discuss if this is necessary for children to be seeing (08:16). The Canadian House Hippo ads have returned to educate Canadians about misinformation in media (16:15). Tinder is launching a new choose your own adventure game called “Swipe Night “which will help get users more matches! (21:58). Air Canada has announced they will no longer start in flight announcements with “Hello, Ladies & Gentlemen” instead opting for the gender neutral “Hi everyone” (27:30). Plugs and upcoming events! (36:02)

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