WTFYVR Podcast | Episode 67 | “Off The Wagon”

On this weeks episode the guys criticize Ravi’s t shirt which he actually really liked until right after this episode (01:05). The gang laments the end of summer. Ravi talks about his weekend bender (03:15). The Canadian Government is pushing for stronger anti-bullying measurements. They’re encouraging all students to be a upstander not a bystander (08:51). Ottawa, ON is launching Canada’s first Indiginous Theatre Company (14:33). PSL season is back with an all new drink for this year (17:00). Vancouver’s Rape Relief Centre has come under fire for not allowing members of the Trans community to use their services (20:35). A man is still at large after a downtown “serial punching spree” (25:00). Plugs and upcoming events! (28:22).

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