WTFYVR Podcast | Episode 61 | “Blueballz”

On this weeks very special episode the WTFYVR crew are joined by one of Vancouver’s fastest growing acts, Blue Ballz (01:12). Destin and Gianni talk about the inception of Blue Ballz (02:45). The gang breaks down some of Blue Ballz best characters (05:19). Reggie at Wendys (06:40). The guys break down the now infamous “Fucking Rambone” prank (11:02). Frenchie taking a shit at a hardware store (16:27). The guys discuss the fine art between faking it and actually doing a stunt (17:22). Blueballz discuss instances where they’ve been in actual danger with unsuspecting members of the public (20:17). The fallout of the Rambone incident (28:06). The guys talk their inspirations growing up (38:55). This week in news the crew discusses the huge drop in night club attendance amongst millenials (44:31). A BC elementary school teacher has been suspended for showing his students “creepy YouTube videos” (51:50). The VPD is in hot water after a video surfaced of over a dozen officers brutally taking down a crystal meth tweeker in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver (57:00).

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