WTFYVR Podcast | Episode 54 | “Blurred Lines”

On this week’s episode the guys reflect on the Toronto Raptors historic championship run (02:25). Ravi had a low key racist incident happen to him on a dinner date (04:11). A new study from The University of British Columbia shows that there’s apparently no link between car crashes and low levels of THC (09:11). The Liberal Government has released the new guidelines for legalized edibles (11:32). A grocery market in Vancouver has started plastic shaming people by offering “embarrassing” plastic bags to patrons (19:14). Ravi’s not a fan of beyond meat products (21:14). The guys talk about the thin line between where cheating actually becomes cheating (26:25). KJ brings up Ravi’s theory of why you need to be a little gay to watch porn (30:51).

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