WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 49 | “A Word From Us Kids”

On this week’s episode KJ recounts his horrific week in Miami (01:13). Ravi has considerably cut back his drinking but has supplemented it with an unhealthy regiment of edibles (03:39). The gang discusses the news of Mr. Ratburn from Arthur, coming out (07:25). McDonald’s is now serving fish & chips for a limited time (12:48). The Toronto Raptors are heading to the Eastern Conference Final after an amazing Game 7 buzzer beater from Kawhi Leonard (21:54). Denver has legalized magic mushrooms; the guys talk about their casual drug habits (25:12). The Richmond Nightmarket has launched for another year of summertime fun! The guys preview some of the new menu items such as pho fries and the rainbow grilled cheese (33:39). The guys react to the news of Alabama banning abortions (36:16).

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