WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 46 | “Gay Loonie”

On this weeks episode the guys talk about their favourite Easter chocolate (01:08). 4/20 ended up being great for the city with minimal clean up (02:32). Kanye West’s Coachella Sunday Service changed Ravi’s life (03:07). Philippines President Rodrigo Duarte has threatened war with Canada over garbage (03:47). The gang breaks down and reviews the new LGBTQ2 Loonie (07:44). Ravi loves partying on Davie Street (13:36). The Vancouver straw ban has been delayed until next year (16:04). “What’s your favourite kind of straw? (17:06). A guy got stabbed at Gal Chae karaoke (20:28). A driver in Richmond parked on a sidewalk (25:25). Pornstar, Stormy Daniels will be visiting Kamloops this summer apart of her book tour (29:55). There’s a new synthetic drug which gives you “zombie” like symptoms (31:14).

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