WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 45 | “Paper Towel Guy”

On this weeks episode it’s Ravi’s birthday! The guys discuss how life has changed in their 30’s (02:13). The Sun Run went down this past weekend, participants were unfortunately pelted by hail (04:18). The gang talks about the Game of Thrones season premiere and how dope CRAVE is (07:44). A debate about public bathroom etiquette and how to deal with bathroom attendants (12:54). Gas prices in Vancouver have reached the highest level of all time in North America (16:38). The Trivago Guy got arrested over this past weekend for a DUI (23:11). Congratulations to Tiger Woods for winning his 5th Green Jacket (25:43). Professional basketball is back in Vancouver as we welcome our newest sports franchise “The Fraser Valley Bandits” (32:40).

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