WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 44 | “Industry Plants”

On this week’s episode Ravi discusses his new case-less lifestyle (01:24). The guys talk about their Palm Springs trip (01:54). Vancouver bubble tea spot InTea has unveiled a White rabbit bubble tea (04:44). Ravi has no idea who Billie Eilish is and it bothers him (07:13). The guys break down this past weekends WrestleMania (10:00). Spotify and Google have teamed up to give away free Google Home Mini’s to all Spotify Premium users (12:50). 4/20 goes down next week; activities include a free Cypress Hill concert and a $10 “spliff & sandwich” combo (16:22). RIP Nipsey Hustle (21:00). The guys talk about the Avengers Endgame phenomena, KJ has a problem with Ravi (25:33). Marvel’s The Eternals is set to debut their first homosexual character, Hercules…yeah that’s right that Hercules (27:38). Ravi’s got a flight to Vegas to catch, the guys talk about their favourite things in Vegas (31:42).

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