WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 43 | “Mailbag #1”

On this week’s highly anticipated episode the gang finally dips into the WTFYVR Mailbag and answers all your burning questions! The guys open the show by discussing KJ’s no hat look and Ravi’s super gay vacation shirt (01:15). Question 1: “When is Ravi Proposing?” The guys discuss how abusive “Macho Man” Randy Savage was towards Miss Elizabeth and compare their relationships to their parents (03:25). Question 2: “What was your favourite episode so far?” The guys look back at their favourite episodes so far (04:41). Question 3: “What was your favourite moment of the show so far?” (07:55). Question 4: “What inspired you to start WTFYVR?” The guys explain why and how they started up the show (11:25). Question 5: “How did you three meet?” (15:02). Question 6: “Why Are Brown Guys Such Hoes? ” Ravi gives his thoughts on jacks seemingly inability to stay faithful (16:43). Question 7 “How tall are you? (17:50). Question 8 “How much can you each drink?” The guys examine Ravi’s drinking amazing drinking ability (18:01). Question 9: “Any advice for shot gunning a beer on a plane?” Ravi explains how he was able to shotgun a beer on a flight (19:28). Ravi and KJ talk about the two types of Spanish accents (21:21). Question 10: “Favourite place for ice cream in the city” Dippers love Dairy Queen (22:03). Question 11: “What is the worst thing about Windermere High School” Brendan reminisces about that time someone spread a rumour about him having SARS (26:08). Question 12: “What percentage of Ravi is homosexual” for real though Ravi is kind of suss at times (30:02). Question 13: “If a hot chick shoves a dildo up your ass is it gay?”(31:33). Question 14: “who are the best rappers in Vancouver?” The guys discuss their picks for the best and brightest rappers out of the 604 (32:33). Question 15: “Favourite drink?” The guys discuss their favourite whiskeys and drinks (34:55). Question 16: “What do you guys do for work?” The gang discusses what they vaguely do for work when not working on the show (37:45). Question 17: “Favourite candy as a child?” (39:15). Question 18: “Who does the editing and what program do you guys use?” (41:40). Question 19: “Who is your shoe plug” Brendan explains how he gets the latest and greatest in footwear (42:43). Question 20: “Why do you guys always sit in the same spot every episode?” The guys also explain why they never have any guests on the show (43:58). Question 21: “What’s up with Brendan’s ‘stache?” (44:55). Question 22: “Rumour has it that one of you guys anally chugged a beer?” Ravi tells the story of that time he butt chugged a beer (45:25). “Would you rather give up sex or the internet?” (48:55).

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