WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 42 | “Cum Dumpster Motels”

On this week’s episode the gang discusses the controversial customer service tactics of Canadian company “Pooch Pad” (02:46). Ride sharing looks to be finally officially coming to Vancouver with the new app ‘Kater’ (09:10). A new Earls & Cactus Club will be opening next door to each other at Metrotown, the guys revisit which one is better between the two (16:08). “The Panda Pod Hotel” is now open in Richmond and gives travellers a super cheap alternative to staying in the city (17:46). The guys discuss the city’s many cum dumpster motels and hood conspiracy theories about the famed 2400 Motel (18:36). “Us” had a huge 70- million dollar opening weekend the gang weighs in with their thoughts on the film (20:10). In wrestling news for the first time ever the Wrestlemania main event will be a women’s match (22:40).

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