WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 41 | “Hiya Hiya Hiya”

On this week’s episode Ravi discusses the horrific events of this past week (01:00). A public warning has been sent out after a group of kids were found to have been playing with needles that they thought were darts (08:00). The Georgia Straight has released their annual “Golden Plates” awards (09:54). The guys recap the Juno Awards (13:40). K.J. thinks we don’t go hard enough on one group of people (16:57). Ravi really likes Columbus for some reason (17:15). Have you muted Michael Jackson yet? (18:10). The Bat Signal has been visible over downtown Vancouver for the last few nights (18:56). Congrats to Elias Petterson for breaking the Canucks rookie scoring record (21:37). Vancouver has been named the third best Dog Friendly City in the world (22:47).

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