WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 29 | “The Bums Don’t Stand a Chance”

On this week’s episode Ravi talks about his seasonal depression (01:11). The gang discusses the new food trend of realistic puppy desserts at a Richmond cafe (04:16). If they opened a restaurant in Vancouver that served dog would you try it? (5:57). Translink now has free wifi on all transit vehicles and also have new washroom! (09:05). Why do Transit Cops get no respect in the hood?(10:51). The guys talk about wars from their childhood and talk their memories of 9/11 for some reason (12:23). A new survey claims that over 27% of people would like to see a female or gender neutral Santa (15:18). The guys talk about the newest member of Seasme Steeet, a homeless Muppet named Lily who will be used to teach children about displacement (21:53). The guys talk about their favourite holiday activities (25:38).

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