WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 28 | “Doppelbängers”

On this week’s episode Ravi discusses his energy drink preferences and whats up with white people not being able to drink coffee after certain hours (01:10). Congrats to everyone for surviving the “Great Vancouver Flood of 2018” (05:50). The Alberta Little Peoples Association is working towards banning the term “Midget Hockey” 08:20). The guys look at the story of the disgruntled Walmart employee who quit his job in spectacular fashion (11:32). The guys examine the 2018 Pornhub stats (20:52). Ravi has his Dragons Den moment and lets the guys in on his billion dollar idea for 2019 (25:02). The new Starbucks Reserve store opens has opened up in downtown Vancouver (27:28). The gang discusses their Christmas plans and the greatest Christmas gifts they ever received (29:17).

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