WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 26 | “Stealthing”

On this weeks episode the gang discusses the ongoing battle between the Chinatown Sea otters and Chinese Garden Koi fish(01:58). Ravi vents about how Chinatown hasn’t been bumping in years (05:38). Has anyone tried fugu? (09:06). An update on the blow up sex doll shop “Bella Dolls”. (09:32). Brendan and Ravi give their analyst on “The Match” between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson, and KJ has never looked more bored (11:20). KJ explains why stealthing is the real epidemic of 2018 (13:19). The guys discuss the Liberals plan to bring UBER to Vancouver within 90 days, the gang wonders if we’re better off without UBER (14:12). A Vancouver cab company has come under fire for trying to scam customers into paying with cash only (16:42). The guys talk about the story of Missionary John Allen Chau (20:55). The news of Dwight Howard being outed by his ex boyfriend has taken the sports world by storm, the guys discuss the complexities of the situation (26:27).

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