WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 21 | “Do White People Dominate The Outdoors?”

On this weeks episode the guys reflect on B.C.’s first week of cannabis legalization (2:30). Brendan and K.J. discuss their favourite breweries as well as talk about the winners of the 2018 B.C. Beer Awards (4:43). KJ gives an update on Bill Cosby’s prison life and Ravi imagines what it must be like for him on the inside (8:29). Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) asks the question, “Do white people dominate the outdoors?” and Ravi let’s us know if he’ll try his luck at modeling (10:58). Has Halloween candy gotten smaller or has Ravi gotten bigger? The gang then discusses the fate of Halloween’s future as well as reminisce on their favourite costumes and chocolate bars (19:19). The Guys open up about their “shit stories” and K.J. learns the difference between the family and handicap washrooms (24:49).

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