WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 20 | “The Roast of Vancouver’s Mayoral Candidates”

This week the gang opens with an overdue discussion about neopolitian ice cream (01:16). In an update to a story from episode 19, police have apprehended the man that vandalized a Tim Hortons (02:30). In other vandal news two teenagers were also caught slashing over 100 tires over Thanksgiving weekend, the guys reminisce about dumb childhood vandalism they did back in the day (03:38). Congratulations to all of us for making it to legalization! But unfortunately with legalization also comes rules (06:30). A concerned mother wrote in to Chatelaine Magazine to ask if it’s ok for her non black son to wear a Black Panther costume for Halloween 2018 (12:32). Apparently it’s an election year and who better to break down the Mayoral field than three guys who don’t know shit about politics! We pretty much just roast the candidates for twenty minutes so enjoy “The Roast of Vancouver’s Mayoral Candidates”. Maybe don’t use this as a guide on who to vote for but be sure to exercise your right to vote this weekend! #VoteOrDie (14:20). More great news this week just in time for legalization 7-11 now delivers (29:38). In Ravi’s hero of the week the guys talk about the story of the BC man who jumped into a Toronto aquariums shark tank (32:10).

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