WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 15 | “Levels of White Anger”

On this week’s episode Ravi discusses his ass slapping techniques (01:05). The guys discuss Browns Social House new strategy of letting locals vote to choose the name of their new restaurant (02:36). The Vancouver Mayoral race heats up! (04:50). With the shows burgeoning success KJ is hoping his estranged father reaches out to him (06:30). The gang discusses the highly controversial Williams vs. Osaka tennis final (09:09). The discussion then moves onto the case of the “racist” Australian depiction of the Serena Williams incident (13:01). In sad news for Dippers all over the city another popular hotspot has shut down (18:40). To show that its not just minorities that lose their cool the guys discuss the “6 Levels of White Anger” (20:58). Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi! (26:19). The guys examine the sad trend that strip clubs are shutting down nationwide and Ravi fondly remembers some of his favourite strip club memories from around the world (32:10). RIP Mac Miller (40:09). Ravi has a genius idea for how the show can blow up…(41:45).

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