WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 14 | “Adidas Dipper Sandals”

On this week’s episode the gang calls out Ravi for what he called a “quiet weekend” (00:58). The guys then discuss the serial dine & dasher thats been scheming unsuspecting women out of extravagant meals (02:45). The guys also play a good old fashioned game of “Black, White or Other?!” (03:20).  In things that no one will probably miss, the last of the lower mainland Arbys has shut its doors (04:30). Hear about why Ravi never liked Arbys to begin (hint=beef curtains) (05:36). Would you rather eat ass or a cricket carmel apple? (7:20). Brace yourself Dine Out Vancouver dates have been announced (7:58). Great news out of SFU’s football team! (10:45).  KJ explains the difference between “Black Talk & Normal Talk” (11:00). The guys hold an intervention about Ravi’s weird habit of constantly taking his shirt off at parties for no reason at all (11:50). The gang also discusses the Colin Kapernick’s now infamous Nike ad (12:59). Why Dippers love Adidas products (16:00). Finally with less than six weeks until marijuana legalization takes effect nationwide the parks board must make a decision on whether or not smoking weed on golf courses will be allowed (18:30). Closing remarks! (21:40)

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