WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 9 | “Guess Who?”

On this week’s episode the guys rag on Ravi about his fashion selection this week (00:53). The gang also discuss the news that Seth Rogan will not only be the new voice of Translink but also the voice of the Toronto Transit Commission  (02:18). Ravi weighs in on who he thinks should be doing the Transit announcements (04:00). Ryan Reynolds and his new stoner remake of Home Alone (05:15) Home Alone 1 vs. Home Alone 2? (05:40). The guys also discuss people who look like Guess Who? characters  (06:50). Has Your Webcam been recording you jacking off? The guys discuss the latest online scam that’s been sweeping the city (09:35). RCMP drug sniffing dogs are being let go due to the legalization of marijuana (11:40). “Statistically speaking” (13:33). Beta 5 now serves ice cream for dogs! (18:06). Vancouver has broken another record! (19:22). Finally the guys discuss their favorite summer activities (22:22).

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