WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 8 | “Pepperidge Farm Remembers”

On this episode, Brendan, KJ, and Ravi talk about the Port Moody Rib Fest (1:10). They also touch on the Toronto mass shooting tragedy and how these attacks adversely affect them as a black man and brown man respectively (4:22). They then segue from tragedy to discussing their all time favourite childhood snacks (7:36). The gang then discuss Demi Lovato’s “OD” (9:38). Clothing donation bins keep murdering people (14:31). The guys react to news that Toys R Us is looking to hire a child aged 9-13 to be their President For Play (18:03). Salmonella outbreak at the Goldfish cracker factory (21:20). Tim Horton’s announces all day breakfast starting July 25th (24:48). Finally the guys discuss the news that ride sharing has once again been delayed in BC (28:25)

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