WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 1 | “Bleep”

On this episode, Brendan, KJ, and Ravi talk about the Tim Hortons lady who threw her own poop (00:40). They also discuss how everyone is waiting in line for Uncle Tetsu at Metrotown (03:16). The BIG debate, Earls vs Cactus Club (06:36). Ravi gives a in-depth breakdown of the straw situation in Vancouver (08:37). The gang discusses’ local Instagram star, Lil Tay (11:15). Drake and his baby mama are put into question (12:54). Granville skytrain station 2-year escalator renovation begins, and Ravi says something inappropriate (13:40).

One response to “WTF Vancouver Podcast | Episode 1 | “Bleep””

  1. Brad Rubinsky Avatar
    Brad Rubinsky

    Hilarious stuff!!


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